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  • Scaling Microservices Part 4 - Shared Library

    Systems consisting of many services, with network calls in between, will ultimately experience performance and scaling issues because of chatty or slow service calls. Various methods and patterns can be used to solve these performance issues...
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  • Scaling Microservices Part 3 - Passport Pattern

    Many systems consist of tens- or hundreds of services, each providing different functionality. To deliver a given functionality, one service often needs to call n-number of other services. All of these services often depend on common data that must be retrieved from other services...
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  • The Security Risk of Releasing Software as Open Source

    There has been a trend over the last years for the private and the public sector to publish their software as open source. This has been motivated by various internal and external reasons, some are sector specific, others are not. For the private sector, publishing software as open source is usually something that is mainly relevant for companies selling their own software, while for the public sector it's relevant for all the software produced and funded by the taxpayer's money...
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